Creating New Treasures from Old Jewelry

Creating New Treasures from Old Jewelry

Creating New Treasures from Old Jewelry

Staci Sullivan is passionate about the sentiment associated with jewelry.  Creating jewelry from odds & ends clients have laying in a drawer is her specialty. Many times the jewelry she re-purposes is from inherited heirlooms and jewelry left over from past decades. Usually there is some sentimental value but the style just misses the mark on her client’s current lifestyle or fashion trend. These fashion faux-pas pieces shouldn’t go to waste! With a tried and true 3rd generation resource, designer Staci Sullivan is at your beck and call. You and your family jewels will be in good hands with Staci and onsite jeweler.  It is possible to redesign your jewelry into something you truly love! Staci will give you several options to make sure price doesn’t get in the way. FREE Estimates😊

Update your Style

When you receive inherited jewelry, it might be easier to store it away and keep it the way it was originally worn. However, if you really stop to think about it, wouldn’t your relative rather you wear their piece! When redesigning jewelry, you are giving old jewelry a chance to be reinvented. You have control of the design. Staci’s goal is to design something that truly reflects you. You can even combine multiple pieces into one cohesive design.

Lifestyle Jewelry

Staci affectionately terms it as “Lifestyle Jewelry”. Case in point, when her client Diane was an executive, she wore brooches daily with her business suits. Once Diane retired, those popular brooches became dust collectors. Diane sought the service of Staci from a recommendation. As you know referrals are the best source for both the client and the merchant. Staci and Diane analyzed the jewelry she wore often in her retirement and the jewelry she has lying dormant. Together they came up with many creative alternatives. The brooches Diane loved best became slides for her omega necklace and other chains. It was such a reasonable and simple fix but it was priceless in Diane’s eyes. Additionally, they repurposed rings and earrings. This overhaul proved in time to be one of Staci’s most rewarding re-stylings. Diane’s husband’s health declined after the work was done. He was able to see Diane enjoy her treasures. To this day as Diane wears her jewelry, every sparkle whispers “I love you” from her angel in heaven.

Sentimental Value

Making over jewelry from family members can be extremely heartfelt and sentimental. Staci and her staff don’t take it lightly. Many clients come to us with jewelry from family who has passed on. Staci understands the importance and symbolism. As designs come to fruition, Staci offers careful attention to detail for utilizing original gemstones and diamonds in your new design. The ultimate goal in repurposing jewelry that has been gifted or passed down is to maintain the respect and meaning of the original gift, all while making sure you adore the new design.

Re-purposing is Responsible

Re-using your old jewelry to create something new is environmentally responsible. You may not even think about it, but you are recycling materials! You are conserving resources by repurposing your old jewelry to craft something new. Instead of buying a new jewelry and leaving old jewelry to gather dust, recycle. It’s a win-win!

It’s All About You

The best thing about redesigning jewelry at Staci Sullivan’s Jewelry & Design Studio is the possibilities are nearly endless. If you come in with a ring, it doesn’t need to stay a ring! It can be redesigned into a pendant, earring, bracelet, etc… You get the idea. Your wish is Staci’s command. Think of it as a home renovation show, but with diamonds and gold and gemstones, oh my!

Custom Remounts

Many people aren’t aware that using old jewelry to create something new is even possible. Staci and her talented design team, have proven over and over, the sky’s the limit. Whether you want to wear an heirloom diamond or switch up an old style, the redesign process is focused on you and what works for your lifestyle. If you have old jewelry sitting around the house, give it a second chance! Staci invites you to come in to see the potential in redesigning them into beautiful new pieces you will love. In Staci’s mind, jewelry shouldn’t go to waste!