Sullivan Family Legacy Continues

Sullivan Family Legacy Continues

Sullivan Family Legacy Continues

Staci Sullivan Opens New Jewelry & Design Studio in Downtown Melbourne

By Tina Lange –

The word jewelry and the name Sullivan are synonymous in Brevard County.

The Sullivan family established business in town in 1955 by Joe and Violet Sullivan. This miraculous couple met as teenagers, defied health odds and established a jewelry business with family and faith at its foundation and its core.

The legacy of three generations of Sullivan jewelers continues locally with Staci Sullivan, who in July hosted the grand opening of Staci Sullivan’s Jewelry & Design Studio in Downtown Melbourne.

When Staci was young, she often could be found hanging out in her parents’ and grandparents’ jewelry stores — holding gems with tweezers and greeting customers. “Our clients are the true gems that delight my heart and soul,” remarked Staci.

“Our family is strong, we take heart in that we help people with their sentimental celebrations,” she said. “It’s not just jewelry.”

Staci’s grandparents’ North Babcock store is now owned and operated by her aunt and uncle, Angie Sullivan Evans and Mike Sullivan, Sr. The two locations support each other and carry unique merchandise.

“My favorite thing to do is take old jewelry and sentimental treasures and re-set them to make them into pieces people can wear,” Staci explained about her “lifestyle” jewelry approach. “It’s truly an art and keeps a piece of jewelry alive within a family for generations.”

In love with her new downtown space in the former Grimaldi Candy Store, Staci said the warm and inviting neighborhood reflects a “creative new approach to design that I’m excited to share with my customers. A lot of the concepts I’m using in my new location I’ve been waiting to do for years. Clients love seeing me work side by side with my mom, Isabel, and daughter, Caitlin.”

Staci is at home in her new studio. “Give me a ring, and I’ll help you shine,” she likes to say. As a single mom, Staci is working to promote a win-win career as she continues the family legacy. You’ll often find Staci in her studio creating Monday-Wednesday but Thursday-Saturday are Staci’s “open studio” hours. In order to serve clients best, Staci encourages calls or texts to 321-978-2200 to set a design consultation appointment. Staci is flexible to meet at your schedule. Traditional hours don’t define this thriving appointment base family business. With a talented on-site jeweler, Staci can deliver most designs right from her studio. She takes pride with her name on the sign. “Creating the caliber of jewelry my dad and hero, Diamond Doug, would be proud of is my ultimate goal,” exaggerates Staci.

In addition to her jewelry as art — Staci incorporates unique elements inspired by the jewelry, art and architecture of places she’s traveled — Staci is all about supporting local artists. She hosts various art-centered gatherings at her studio, including what she affectionately calls “Fun-Raisers”. Staci does a Live Facebook rock hound and gem lover chat each Thursday from 6-7pm. Staci gives back a percentage of sales to benefit local charities at her open studio hours Thursday & Friday (9-6) and Saturday (10-4).

Self driven in all aspects of her life, Staci identifies with people of all ages by mentoring to bring out their inner artist. “Self-esteem is a gift we can share when we uplift others, in turn, we also become the best version of ourselves”, says Staci. A big advocate of local arts, Staci is excited to infuse elements of art and travel into unique pieces she designs. Creating her own line of jewelry is a personal career goal that Staci plans to launch around the time her close neighbor Hotel Melby opens in 2021. Staci’s true love and speciality is taking old jewelry and sentimental treasures and re-setting them, keeping jewelry alive within a family for generations. Give her a ring, and she’ll help you shine!