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Gemstones are among the rarest and most desired of all collectible assets. Rock hounds and sparkle lovers appreciate the wide variety of colored gemstones. Opportunity awaits you for fine, rare gems at Staci Sullivan’s Jewelry & Design Studio.  Staci and her staff have resources for gemstones you won’t find at chain stores. Being a third generation jeweler, Staci appreciates the relationships her family has established with jewelry industry leaders. Whether you want a gem of specific color or you are looking for a gemstone with documentation, Staci and her team can help. The character gemstones offer is inspiring. Collectors appreciate the rarity and mystique colored gemstones provide. There is much information available about what to look for. What’s the best advice Staci can offer? “If you don’t know gems and jewelry, know your local jeweler!”

The wisest initial step when making an investment is to find an industry leader with resources.  If you want to know more when it comes to hard rocks and heavy metal, Staci knows her stuff! Explore the wonderful world of gems as you learn about sparkling history and allure. You’ll be amazed at the factors that set one gem apart from the other with rarity and delight! Staci and her staff enjoy educating clients about the mystique of gemstones.


The colors of natural gemstones are beautiful and there are many exciting elements that make gems come to life. Gemstones have personality; they are known to speak. As the light enters, gems inhale and as the light reflects throughout the gem, the brilliant exhale can be mesmerizing. Every gemstone is unique and different, just like people. Colors can affect mood, perception and even health. For all these reasons, putting colors together properly can help you achieve a desired effect. As a general rule, when Staci is designing “Family Jewelry” with a multitude of gemstones, she finds a palate of gems that work well together. The goal is colorful harmony. On your shopping experience at Staci Sullivan’s Jewelry & Design Studio, you will be educated about the best options for colored gemstones that work with your lifestyle. For example, many people like the color of Tanzanite. Unfortunately, due to its soft nature, it scratches easily. As an alternative to Tanzanite, purple Sapphire is very pleasing to the eye and also very durable.

Color Wheel Color Combos

Jewelry Design is an Art

Being an artist at the core, combining colors has always appealed to Staci’s design instinct. Gemstones that are opposite of each other on the color wheel can offer contrast. Complimentary colors look good together because they balance each other out. Examples of complimentary colors in gemstones are royal purple Amethyst and Golden Citrine. Another way you can make it work is with gemstones and metal choice, like the lively, fresh green of Peridot in rose gold. These combinations work well when one of the compliments is muted. For example, the metal tone of yellow gold paired with the cool tones of Alexandrite bursts with color.


In contrast, colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, analogous colors, work well too. An example includes, the cool green and blue shades of tourmaline. Another example is the noteworthy trend of blush colored morganite and diamonds, set into rose gold. 


A few more ways artists incorporate color, is with triadic colors, three colors equally spaced on the color wheel. Imagine a triangle place each point on a color; for example, orange, purple, and green. Typically, Staci will create balance and harmony by using one main color as the anchor and two other colors as accents. An example is Blue Topaz or Zircon with pinkish purple Tourmaline highlighted in yellow gold.


Lastly, tetradic colors are two pairs of complimentary colors. On the color wheel, this looks like a red, orange, blue, and green. Four colors can seem unharmonious at times, but with careful attention to the harmony between cool and warm tones, you can achieve a winning combination.


When designing gemstone jewelry, colors can be kept simple or combined in many different ways to produce an effect that pleases the eye. The most important thing is for the jewelry wearer to be comfortable in color. With all the options in gemstones, Staci will help create a fun jewelry design to wear and enjoy for generations.


As a concierge jeweler, Staci is your personal jewelry shopper. Staci & her staff specialize in creating statement jewelry & designing sentimental treasures. Artistic adventures await… you’ll have fun & get inspired as you patronize this longtime family business, now in Downtown Melbourne.

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